Procedures and Steps

General principles establishing the SPAMI’s list
Better understand the procedures and procedures
The conservation of the natural heritage is the fundamental objective that must characterize an SPAMI

The pursuit of other objectives such as the conservation of cultural heritage, and the promotion of scientific research, education, collaboration, participation, is highly desirable in the case of SPAMIs and is a favorable factor for listing a site, as long as it remains consistent with conservation objectives

No limit is imposed on either the total number of areas included in the list or the number of areas to be proposed for inclusion by a given Party

Nevertheless, the Parties agree that the sites will be selected on a scientific basis and listed according to their qualities, they must therefore properly fulfil the conditions required by the Protocol and the criteria set out in Annex I to the Protocol

The SPAMI listed and their geographical distribution should be representative of the Mediterranean region and its biodiversity

To this end, the list should represent as many habitat types and ecosystems as possible

The SPAMIs should be the core of a network aiming at the effective conservation of the Mediterranean heritage

In order to achieve this objective, the Parties will develop their bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of conservation and management of natural sites, in particular through the creation of transboundary SPAMIs

The sites included in the SPAMI List are intended to have a value of example and model for the protection of the natural heritage of the region

To this end, the Parties ensure that sites included in the List are provided with adequate legal status, protection measures and management methods and means.