General presentation of the collaboration platform for the Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI)

The collaboration platform is a virtual workspace that provides users with resources and tools aiming to facilitate communication and human interactions around Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI).

It is a platform that centralizes all SPAMI documents, references and tools, from procedures and reports for including a candidate area on the SPAMI list, to details of each SPAMI included. All these centralized data are available to SPAMI managers and stakeholders (national authorities, donors, scientists, the general public). The rationale behind this is not only to facilitate exchanges between managers, to promote the visibility of the SPAMI list, but also to allow the platform to be continuously updated, with different access levels.

The platform provides information on SPAMI following two parts. The first concerns the institutional aspect, including the procedure to undertake to be listed as a SPAMI, common criteria, the application form and the revision forms for the SPAMI. While the second part includes data for each SPAMI (management plan, presentation report content, website, managers contact) and a presentation of the twinning programme; aiming at developing and strengthening an effective management of SPAMI and future SPAMIs.

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What is a SPAMI ?
  • According to the provisions of the SPA/BD Protocol, a SPAMI is a marine and coastal area or on the high seas which may include important features for the conservation of biodiversity in the Mediterranean; contains ecosystems specific to the Mediterranean region or habitats of endangered species; or which are of particular scientific, aesthetic, cultural or educational interest.